Kids Against Palm Oil

Organic Palm Fruit Oil

Here is a typical situation: You are becoming an environmentalist, and your first step in doing so is to boycott palm oil. You go to the market and look at the label on your favorite snack, when you see the words: Organic Palm Fruit Oil. What do you do?

The answer is: don't put it back! Yes, believe it or not, Organic Palm Fruit Oil is the one type of palm oil that does not harm the environment. In fact, the organic harvesting helps protect the area!

Organic Palm Fruit Oil comes from parts of Central and South America, where the production of it helps protect the tropical rainforest area. The extraction of Organic Palm Fruit Oil has to meet strict environmental standards.

Now, this does not mean that we all have to go out to the supermarket right now and buy everything in the whole store that contains palm fruit oil because it is good for the environment. However, it is fine to eat whatever contains Organic Palm Fruit Oil.

*NOTE*: Be sure that, on the ingredients list it says "organic". If it just says "palm fruit oil", it can still be from a non-sustainable source. "Palm fruit oil" is just another name for palm oil, because all palm oils come from the fruit.