Kids Against Palm Oil


Kids Against Palm Oil is determined to decrease the amount of rainforest being cut down by avoiding food products containing palm oil. Rainforest animals such as orangutans, macaws, and tigers are dying out because companies are cutting down Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests in order to plant palm trees. These palm trees are used to make palm oil, a common ingredient in snack foods and beauty products. Orangutan: image not available

In 2004, there were 31,300 orangutans in Indonesia. Four years later, in 2008, there were only 20,032 . The number is estimated to be decreasing by 9% yearly!                 Click on image to view

But how can you help? Well, for one thing, check the labels on your favorite snack foods next time you go to the supermarket. If the words "palm oil" or "palm kernel oil" are in the ingredients section, try not to buy it. Buy an alternative. Our detailed Palm Oil Central can show you which products are environmentally friendly and which are not. Remember: you can help, too.

We can all make a difference.

Thank you,

Jordan Salama
Kids Against Palm Oil

In September of 2011, our campaign aired on national television